Willamette Valley

Welcome to our website!  If you are visiting us it means you probably like bass fishing as well, or just fishing in general.  Willamette Valley definitely has some great Bass fishing, but before we get into that how about a little history on this treasure filled Valley.  Willamette Valley is a 150 mile long valley, extending the length of Oregon from North Portland all the way to South Eugene.  Because of the Valley’s expansive distance it also is home to most of Oregon’s population.  Once in Willamette Valley you will see the impressive Willamette River that flows through the length of the entire Valley.  Surrounding this beautiful river are three mountains, Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon Coast Range, and the Calapooya Mountains.  Because of the climate, river, and expansive land space the valley is a tremendous part of Oregon’s economy, and relies heavily on the profit from the agricultural industry that the valley provides.  With its rich soil and many waterways, an abundance of things are grown and harvested with in the Valley.  Known mostly for the 19,000 acres that accompany the wineries throughout the valley, it also produces a variety of berries and vegetables.  Supplying most of the United States with grass seeds, hazelnuts, and Christmas Trees!  Breweries throughout the states, also use the hops grown in the valley’s rich soil to make their craft beers.  

Of course we also have incredible bass fishing throughout the rivers, and reservoirs dotting the land.  With small mouth bass being the most common,  Fish and Wildlife biologists advise not to doubt the largemouth bass that can be found in the backwaters of these same masses of water.

Because of the climate and warmer waters fish, wildlife, and crops tend to thrive in this gorgeous Oregon territory.  Whether you want to explore the land, visit one of the many wineries, or come out bass fishing with us, Willamette is a region to be cherished, preserved, and respected.  

With many hospitable hotels, and private rentals available you are sure to enjoy a great weekend getaway filled with adventure and peaceful fun.  Bass fishing is a must because after all what will you eat while you drink the valleys wonderful wine.