Best Fishing Boat Upgrades 2017

The 2017 fishing season in Willamette Valley is lining up to be a great one. If you are planning to be on the water this season we wanted to provide some boat gear recommendations that could make all the difference this fishing season. Just getting out to the water is all that matters, but for those who are looking to go all out this year here are some of our recommendations when it comes to boat gear.

Bimini Tops / Shades – Regardless if it’s overcast or not, boat shades are at the top of our list because they ensure safety and comfort from the sun while fishing in Willamette Valley. There are a variety of colors, shapes, and brands, but this is something we highly suggest if you plan on putting in some hours this year on the river. Aside from protecting the passengers shades will also reduce sun damage to equipment the top side of your boat.

Boat Covers – Boat covers are a great way to get increase the longevity of your boats paint job, and prevent any premature damage to seats, and other devices on your boat. They also help to keep things on board organized and protected when traveling and stored.

Boat wraps – Vinyl boat wraps are another great way to protect your boat from sun damage and protect the life of your paint. You can simply opt for a color and easily change the exterior color of your boat, or add any custom graphic your heart desires. They are reasonably priced and have a great life expectancy making them a great alternative to paint. If you are unfamiliar with boat vinyl wraps check out this site.

Yeti Cooler – This is nothing new to most avid fishers but it deserves to be on the list year after year because it is quintessential gear. Any cooler works, but there is nothing like a Yeti!

Minn Kota Trolling Motors – If you are in the market for a new trolling motor than the new Minn Kota is a great option. It’s overall design and reliability make it a great bang for your buck if you are looking into upgrading your trolling motor this season.

Boat Seats – If you have old or worn boat seats that have seen one-too-many fishing seasons, consider new fishing seats this season. New helm and fishing seats allow you to feel comfortable all day long on the water and add a new look to your boat.

GPS Fish finder –  GPS Fish finders are always a great accessory to any boat and offer a modern advantage that can increase the likelihood of some great catches this fishing season. There are a variety of makes and models, and with advancements in technology they are almost all equally reliable.

Like we said earlier, the most important part is to just get to the river and fish. If you choose to purchase any upgrades this year we have made our claims, but again you don’t need to be fancy to have a good time fishing. The only thing we stress is safety and making sure that you have proper safety equipment on board like life jackets, first aid kits, boat mirrors, paddles, horns, and other equipment that may be necessary depending on the size of your boat, and who’s on board. Additionally we can not stress sun protection enough! Just because there is cloud coverage, does not mean that hours on the river won’t cause sun damage to you and others in your fishing group. Always remember to pack sunscreen and proper sun protective clothing.

Enough of me just talking about fishing.

Go out and do it!

See you on the river!