Fishing Rules & Regulations

With fishing season come the rules and regulations provided by Fish and Wildlife Services.  It is always important to follow the guidelines and rules established to ensure that our rivers, lakes and reservoirs are not abused and that fish may tend to thrive and be available for fishing.  When people abuse the abundance of the fish inhabiting the lakes, ponds, rivers etc, you begin to mess with a delicate ecosystem that has to be controlled and protected.  It is important not to over fish and waste the precious balance that Fish and Wildlife experts take pride and concern in maintaining.  This all being said we have compiled a list of different rules and regulations that are enforced here in Willamette Valley.  With the beginning of this fishing season we want to ensure for a productive and successful season with fishermen alike leaving happy and with their share of fish.  

As of February 1st, 2017 the use of barbed hooks is only allowed while fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout in the Willamette River.  Starting downstream from Willamette Falls and continuing into Multnomah Channel, Gilbert River and the lower Clackamas River.  As of last week Alton Baker Canal was stocked with 1600 one-pound trout.  Cottage Grove Ponds was also stocked with the same amount of Trout last week and will again be restocked with that amount this week.  

Another key point to be aware of is that two rods per person may only be used in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs while standing on land.  They are never allowed in boats, or in any of the rivers.  

For those of you that will fish all year round if able to Coast Fork Willamette River is open for fishing all year as of Nov. 1st.  However another important guideline to be aware of and maintain is that anglers may only use artificial flies and lures.  As well as only five Hatchery Trout, and two Wild Trout may be taken by an individual each day.  Re stocking of this year round favorite fishing spot will be done in April.

While these are a few of the guidelines and rules in place it is very important to know all the rules and regulations before setting out on your fishing adventure.  Please be respectful to all of our ponds and rivers, as well as others fishing in them.  If we maintain our wildlife and do not become over zealous or wasteful we will all be able to enjoy the great experience of fishing in Willamette Valley’s many bodies of pristine fishing waters.