5 Best Trout Flies


Now that we have gotten the nitty gritty out of the way regarding Rules and Regulations, let’s get back to fishing!  Being that the lakes and such are being stocked with trout, and artificial flies are only allowed in some areas, I thought it would be nice to share the 5 best flies for trout fishing.  Now this is the stuff I really like to write about!

1.Elk Hair Caddis- These babies are the the top flies when it comes to trout fishing.  Because of their realistic appearance trouts tend to fall for these dry flies every single time.  Elk Hair flies are also the most popularly sold flies in fishing shops because of the effect they have on trout.  With one of these you are sure to catch you some fish!!

2.Parachute Adams- Another dry fly this one resembles many insects.  Because of the comparison it enables those using this type of fly to successfully hook trout on the surface!  It’s the #1 competitor to the Elk Hair

3.Woolly Bugger- Just like the Parachute Adams can hook a trout on the surface, this “little bugger”  does wonders below the surface.  With its colorful beads and different colors it is seen by trout as underwater prey such as leeches ensuring that you hook the hungry fish.

4.Crayfish- This fly is a type of wet fly.  Because Crayfish are found in both salt and fresh water it is a versatile fly.  If used to your utmost benefit trout and other fish often see it as prey and can evoke an attack which leads to your hooking of the fish.

5.San Juan Worm- The bright red color and the fact that it actually looks like a worm, fools trout all the time.  Although most anglers tend to forget about this simple fly it can work wonders when you are having an off day and no other flies seem to be working.


While these are 5 of the best out there there are so many different artificial flies to choose from.  That being said i’d stock up on some of the best to ensure you get a catch, but I also encourage you to try some of the others ones available.  It is all about personal preference and what works best for you.