Solar Powered Boats!

Fishing season has begun, with the center of this exhilarating time just around the corner.  With this comes our annual fishing weekend that my fellow fishing buddies and I organize every year.  It is a weekend filled with fishermen, cabins, guy talk, and some of the most fantastic fishing ever.  Really it is an enjoyable time for all of us to get away from the repetitiveness of life and work and really get out and enjoy some fishing.  This year a fellow fishing buddy of mine came  with a new strategy to power our boat. We not only will be lowering our fuel usage, we will also be causing less pollution in our waters and to our fish! A little savings in the pocketbook  doesn’t hurt either!  Paul, is a friend of mine who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.  There he has a successful solar power company,, and has come up with a solar strategy to help power our boat!  At first we all thought he was a bit crazy, however in his words “ If a car can be solar powered why can’t a boat!” He shared his designs with us all and even has created his own solar powered boat on the Big Island where he lives!  While you do need to use some gas, the amount of fuel you are saving and thus not adding to the pristine waters is incredible.  

Let me tell you the solar powered boat was a hit!  Not only did it help provide in making our annual fishing weekend one of the best yet, we think Paul may have a new business venture attached to his solar company.  Everyone out on the water was amazed and envious of our boat.  Especially here in Willamette Valley where we take pride in our environment as well as go to great lengths to keep our land vibrant, clean, healthy and beautiful.  With all of the agricultural business we provide for a lot of the state, the wine industry we are known for, and the beautiful fishing waters, it is in our best interest to keep the waters and the land as free from pollutants as possible.  With global warming and a lot of the other negative effects that humans are contributing to the decline of our earth, this environmentally friendly project of Paul’s comes at a perfect time.

While I can say that we were interrupted a lot with questions and perhaps even a few business inquiries( what did we expect when going out with a solar powered boat!) the feedback we recieved was amazing!  My buddy Paul is incredible at what he does and really knows the Solar Industry and the right products.  I think a few of my colleagues have decided to try and get him to open up a solar company division out here!

What I do know as an avid fisherman and someone who knows to respect the waters and they will respect you, this annual fishing trip weekend was my favorite yet.  Knowing that we also took steps in maintaining the ecosystem that we are so fond of here in Willamette and possibly inspiring others to do the same makes me very happy.  We want to keep the fishing here in Willamette Valley superb and would like to be role models to others as well.  The fish will keep biting, the delicious wine will continue to be made, and the little piece of Heaven we know as Willamette Valley with stand protected! Cheers to Paul and his solar powered boat!